Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Splash Island (Part 1)

We had family outing /post valentine's date/bonding with friends last Sunday at Splash Island.

The last time I went there was last 2009 pa ata,Friends palang kame ni hubby non...hahaha,wala pang spark! aming pagbabalik kasama na nmen ang resulta ng fireworks lol!ang aming bebe.

ofcourse naman sa sobrang tagal excited much din ako like my dowter!

Splash Island, known as the largest water park in the Philippines, located at Southwoods Ecocentrum in Biñan,Laguna.

Splash Island is open from 8am - 6pm,Monday to Sunday however during off-peak season, operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Splash Island's ticket entitles guests to enjoy unlimited use of all slides,attractions except paintball,wall climbing,bunjee jumping and zip line (these are they're new attractions) and facilities.

We arrived there at around 9:oo in the morning.It's just one hour away from our hometown Las Piñas.

Cottages Rates:

Tents with table and chairs are FREE of charge so if your on a budget you can opt on using these.
Open Cabanas/Nipa Hut rates from 650-1500.
Cabana with ac and lock rate is 1,400
Cabana with sala set and bathroom rate is 5000

ofcourse we didn't get the cabana with sala set and AC noh..It's toooo pricey kaya.

We had free acommodation on any Nipa Hut. We stayed in a nipa hut near Water Wahoo (children's pool)

Nipa Huts
Water Wahoo

We stayed at water wahoo for almost an hour then we attended a mass inside the water park.

after the mass we decided to eat luch that was around 12 noon na.

Splash Island strictly prohibits anyone on bringing alcoholic drinks,deadly weapons,drugs,pets,breakable items and foods including water inside the park.

Kaloka nga ang bottled water mga teh 35 pesosesoses di tlga pumasa ang mga presyo sa pgging practical mom ko lol! 

may gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! ang chips 50 pesos,ang halo halo na 10 lng samen 70 sa knila lol wala namang difference! (choz!),Di makatarungan! haha

I forgot na where we ate lunch pero the food that we orderd there were delish naman and cheap pa.

We ordered 2 Liempo with rice (the liempo is good for two persons na) 110 php and 1 binagoongang talong with rice 40php.

pero di ko talaga matanggap ang mahal ng drinks nila so nglibot libot pa ko to look for some food stall and guess what?! I found the one! haha 

I was able to buy Black Gulaman that only cost 15 each cup.just enough to quench our We just bought a bottled water for my daughter hehe...(self proclaimed certified practical momma) choz!

We then headed to Agos Grandes right after we ate lunch and enjoyed the waves there.

We rented a locker for 100 php and left our important belongings like cellphones,cameras and wallets. We did that to enjoy the slides and other attractions as well.

The next attraction that we went to was the balsa river.We rode on the big donut liked raft that floated freely on the river. We didn't enjoy Balsa River that much because We moved so slowly sobrang pamatay oras.

photo source

Apple,Me and Jack
Tomorrow I'll post about different rides that we enjoyed in Splash Island!


  1. the 1,400 cabana has no bathroom? the 5000 one is quite a shocker!
    we've never been to splash island, maybe we should take the kids there. I'm just not so happy about having to use a public shower room. it's hard when you've got 3 little kids restrain, haha. thanks for sharing this.

    1. regal shocker talaga teh,pero if keri mo naman 5k go na! ako kase parang ang bigat pa nga sa loob ko nung 1k lol,chos lang.... pero infairness naman sa public shower room nila...super clean sis,=)

  2. mahalia jackson!

    pwede bang magdala ng sariling tubig at sabihin may ang tubig ng mga anak ko eh specially formulated aka tubig gripo? LOL

    1. ahahah,ay patok yan sis,magawa nga yan susunod baka lumusot. lol!

  3. priceeeeyyyyyy... ayoko na pumunta jan..!

    1. true sis...lalo na pag ngstart n summer sis...tataas n din entrance nila...mga room ganun padin naman,if magsswimming and slides ka nmn all day sa tents with tables and chairs na lng sis tas paiwan na lng mga importanteng gamit sa locker.

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