Monday, 22 September 2014

Mommy lies...

One Saturday afternoon, My daughter was looking at my Facebook wall when she suddenly shrieked "mommy this is mine!..and this, and another one! all mine!..bakit po suot ng mga bata mommy? "

She was referring to the tutus she modeled for my customers. I let her model some of my creations kase para makita yung designs when worn however every time I will ask her to wear a tutu she would first ask me if It's hers and I would tell her yes just to convince her . maling mali pala coz' children believe everything we say. 

"saan po tutu ko mommy?  saken un mommy diba?" 

At first I answered her , "Don't worry nak, Mommy will make another one for you ok? "  I felt guilty seeing her so upset.

Here's some of the tutus she modeled..hehe

Ano ang learning mga mommies?

Do not lie.

I have to remind myself that telling lies is bad, even to a toddler! even over small things. It will confuse them, It can give them mix messages and worst they'd think that lying can be right. 

We all want to teach our kids to be honest and trustworthy. We want to raise honest children so let's be a good example.

Now, when I ask her to fit some dresses I tell her first that those are not hers and they belong to someone else, that mommy sells those clothes. I also tell her that if she wants the same dress I can make one for her. I also make sure that I keep my promises.

I have a very matanong na anak. She's a curious little girl so I try to explain everything in the simplest way I can. We , however, have to tell our child age appropriate information.

Do not try to explain complex information to a toddler. sige try mong i-ispluk ang PORK BARREL sa 3 year old child mo..haha hope magkaintindihan kayo , GO! lolz.

and about white lie? I'll explain it to her when she's a bit older. =)

Here's my FB page pala if you want to check out more designs

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Frozen Inspired Party Invites

I am helping a friend make her daughter's dream come true. =) My friend's little lady wants to have a Frozen's "Queen Elsa" inspired birthday party! Isn't that fabulous and...........expensive?! 

Well not anymore! yey! We can always count on Mr. GOOGLE if were on a tight budget. hehe 

Lots of sites are now offering free party printable such as invites, cupcake toppers, wrappers, labels ,and more.

I'm so excited to share with you thrifty practical moms what some sites are to offer. They're all super duper cute mind you..=) 

Let's have some "Frozen" invitations first from Oh My Fiesta! 

right click on the image,save on your computer and PRINT! easy peasy!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How To Treat Minor Burns

My daughter accidentally grabbed the super hot glue gun and got her tiny finger burn. I felt so guilty about what had happened, my husband was really mad at me when he learned about it.

I understood naman, I'm the one to blame talaga. The burn was just small but I could just imagine how painful it was. kawawa.=(


The moment I saw the glue gun fell from her hands, I immediately carried her downstairs and dipped her hands in a dipper full of cool waterShe was crying loudly while I was dipping her hand. I almost cried but tried not to or she'd be more scared. It was so frustrating because It was only me and my daughter at home that time, I didn't know what else to do aside from what I did. 

I want to share this information I read from Medline Plus. It is really informative and very easy to follow in just case you experience one.

Minor Burns After Care
You can care for minor burns at home with simple first aid.
First-degree burns are only on the top layer of the skin.
  • Skin usually turns red
  • May swell
  • May be painful
Second-degree burns go one layer deeper than first-degree burns. 
  • A blister forms
  • Skin is red
  • Usually has swelling
  • Usually is painful
Treat a burn like a major burn (call your doctor) if it is:
  • From a fire, an electrical wire or socket, or chemicals
  • Larger than 2 inches
  • Or if it is on a hand, foot, face, groin, buttocks, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, or wrist
First Aid for Minor Burns

First, calm and reassure the person who is burned. 
If clothing is not stuck to the burn, remove it. If the burn is caused by chemicals, take off all clothes that have the chemical on them. 
Cool the burn. 
  • Use cool water, not ice.  
  • If possible, especially if the burn is caused by chemicals, hold the burned skin under cool running water for 10 to 15 minutes until it does not hurt as much. Use a sink, shower, or garden hose.  
  •  If this is not possible, put cool clean wet cloth on the burn, or soak the burn in a cool water bath for 5 minutes.
To learn more about BURNS and other Health Issues please visit Medline Plus

It's really good to equip ourselves with information like this right?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


"If you want warla! I'll give you warla!" gustong gusto ko talaga awayin si hubby last night but ofcourse di ko nanaman nasabi ang gusto kong sabihin sa kanya kagabi, hayss pano ba naman, He's so back with his old routine again. Work.DOTA before, now, Work.BalikRO, Kaloka! It's been quite a while since we last slept together and It's pretty anoying na talaga, aba, diba dapat ang magasawa as much as possible laging magkatabi at sabay matulog, I don't know if it's the same with you mommies but that's how I want us to be. Gusto ko paguwi nya since tulog na ang baby namen saken na xa magfocus diba? tama nmn? ayun na nga lng yung time na mgkakatabi kame sa buong araw because we're both working full time tapos ganun, hays kung nakakapag salita lang ang brain ko ganito siguro ang na say nito sa knya: 

"Hummy! prang awa mo na tama na ang paglalaro ng BalikRO humiga ka na dito at matulog na tayo! naiinis na ko sayo palagi ka na lang ganyan, hindi dapat ako ang pinakasalan mo eh kundi yung computer!"

pero guess what eto ang nasabi ko kahit super duper inis na ko sa kanya kagabi:

" ummh humm, tama na yan ang ingay di ako makatulog"
Hubby just said " sorry hum" then lowered down the speakers sound. NEBEYEN!

"umm hum, yung ilaw ng computer nakakasilaw kase,di ako makatulog."
Hubby just said " sorry hum," then adjust the monitor's brightness. JOSKOOO!

" hum, matulog ka na please"
Hubby said" lapit na to hum" 

" hum,puhleaaaase matulog ka na..halika na dito.." in a very mahinahon tone pa din.

He didn't respond,

galit na galit na talaga ko...fertile to the max pa nmn ako. LOL

"huuuuuum! halika na dito mag **** muna tayo then bumalik ka na lang jan pag tapos pwede?!!!!"


Di ko din nasabi hahahaha!
Kaasar noh?