Friday, 12 July 2013

Couples Delight

    I'm not an expert to give you advice on marriage. I am not perfect,We,I and my husband aren't perfect.We have our ups and down. We fight.We argue,We forgive and fight again but we never give up on each other. We still have so much to learn.(basta...What matters most is that we love at all..choz!) haha!
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Just want to share some tips on how to strengthen your relationship with your partner. 

Communicate,Talk to your husband whenever possible. Express your feelings and needs. I have a story to tell pala..before, when I was mad at him I just kept dead quiet so we wouldn't end up fighting, 

Iiyak nlng ako and I would just talk to myself or write about why i got mad and then after a few days (take note: few days talaga...Imagine the resentment that i had to endure haist...) ok na ako.

I would talk to him again like nothing happened, without him knowing what I just went through.(ganun ako noon at ,mali pala yon)turning point: I just woke up one day feeling nauseated about all the anger in me.

 I had realized that I couldn't take it anymore. I had to say it,So I talked to him one night about everything I had in mind. I asked him to forgive me on how immature I was. I felt really good after."Forgiveness sets you free from resentment's confines;It breaks down the walls that anger builds and negativity reinforces" (I forgot na where i read this quote.)..

So un nga...communicate effectively with your husband. If you feel ignored or if your angry, Tell him. If you want something, ask for it.Your husband doesn't have the power to read your mind, so speak up.^^.Let go of grudge, sasama lng loob natin pag di tayo nagsalita.. (been there done that wlang nangyare)

       For the husbands out there naman, Try to be more sensitive with your wife's feelings. 

It's given na mga maaarte at matatampuhin ang mga wifey, so do not ignore us. If you notice that your wife is quiet (malamang my pinagdadaanan yan) ask your wife what the problem is, Get involve' malay mo kasalanan mo hahaha! If she's reminding you ,or telling you about something over and over again,

Listen...Some husbands do not want their wives telling them what to do. They have this thinking na " ano b kita? nanay b kita?" Sagutin mo "oh eh ano? haha choz!". Your wife cares so much about you that's why she's telling you about some important things you might forget.

       Find time to sit and talk with each other everyday even for a few hours. Be a good listener. When someone is talking the other one should listen . Do not make any major decisions without consulting one another. Problems may come your way but do not let the world know about them.You should both solve them. Again, Communication is the best policy choz! basta communicate!

          Be Best friends Laugh at each other's joke. Share stories from the past,laugh about them.Support your better half. Especially in times of troubles. Do not downgrade your partner if someone makes a mistake. Be strong for one another. 

Do not criticise him or her, You can still be candid without being too harsh. Like for example,If di bagay ang outfitey of the day nya sbhin mo nlng "change outfit ka dear,di napapanahon yang suot mo" say it in a nice way di yung magsa-side comments ka pa...kanya knyang fashyown din kc yan so kung ayaw nya paawat, Respect his or her decision...Control control din pag may time. wag puro malaking bunganga ang ginagamit . =)

          Look Good and Feel Good. Practice good hygiene ( di porket asawa mo nlng lage mo nkksama d k n maliligo, mgtu-toothbrush o mgsusuklay),manage stress so you won't look stressed, watch your weight.(pahi-pahinga din sa pagkain pg my time.) Dress to impress .

          Be fragrant,especially when our partners around (para ready all the time choz!) haha. Take care of our appearances.(gandang di mo inakala ang peg) Love ourselves ok. 

Love each other, Do not hurt your husband or your wife in any way.Do not cheat...

Happy Couple
That's all i can think of  eh..If you want to add some tips...Feel free to comment below...muwaah!

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