Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chikungunya Alert!

I read  Mommy Fleur 's blog about The Chikungunya, ( pronounce as chik-un-gun-ya Listen )(Kakabulol,ERRRR) I felt scared upon reading about it. I've been hearing about it from my office-mates but I was not that interested before.kala ko wala dedma lng ako, Kaloka pala tong virus na to.

What is Chikungunya?

CHIK Virus is a viral disease that spreads by mosquitoes.(aedes agypti and aedes albopictus),It has similarities with  Dengue .Some of the symptoms are headache,joint pains,nausea,rashes fever,and fatigue.It occurs suddenly and may lasts for weeks.It's not fatal but it can be disabling,some people can get severe complications.It first occurred in Tanzania (Country in Eastern Africa) in 1952.

How does the virus spread?

Mosquito bites the infected person and passes the virus to healthy person. Once it gets to a given location it will spread easily.

How to treat it?

There is no vaccine for the virus meaning there still no cure for this illness however taking medicines to lower down fever may help.The only way to prevent ChikV is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

How to prevent the virus from spreading?

  • Keep the surroundings clean all the time.
  • Do not let water stagnate around the house.Dispose unnecessary item such as old tires,pots and cans. If you can't let them go because you're thinking that they're "sayang" just turn them over because they can accumulate water and mosquitoes live in stagnant water so be extra careful.
  • Keep yourselves well covered.Wear long sleeves and  pajamas if possible,If not,Use insect repellent all the time.It can be lotion,sprays,coils,liquid and mats.
  • Use mosquito net or Install screens on windows and doors.

Spread the news, Let everybody know about Chikungunya. Educate your family,your friends and your neighbors about the dangers of this virus.Consult a physician right away if you think you have the symptoms.Children are more prone to sickness so mga mommies let's all be extra careful with our family especially the young ones.

Most recent news about CHIKV:
To Learn more about the virus click World Health Organization&Chikungunya

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