Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Food Pyramid for Toddlers

Early this year she started weaning herself off drinking milk from her bottle and from then on she would just ask for milk when she wants some though once in a while me or my husband would still insist on giving her a cup of milk in the morning and/or at night.I was at first worried  and had this fear that she might not get the right amount of nutrition when she stopped drinking milk but I was delighted to read some articles and learned that a child can still be healthy even without drinking milk of any kind.There are lots of ways to provide good nutrition for our toddlers. like to get enough dairy fats,A child can eat meals with cheese,bread with butter,oatmeal with milk,pasta,ice cream and yogurt and for non dairy sources of calcium and vitamin D,You can feed your child some tofu,beans,broccoli.EGGS,leafy vegetables,fish,fruits and lots of fruit juices.


Daily suggested foods for a two year old male or female,who engages in 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity per day

Grains: 3 cups
Vegetable:s 1 cup
Fruits: 1 cup
Milk (Calcium): 2 cups (16 oz)
Meats (Protein): 2 ounces
Based on a 1000 calorie pattern

Hope it helps...
To find out more about toddlers food pyramid here

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