Monday, 4 November 2013

Review: Domino's Pizza

I'm not a pizza eater in general,my husband is.well,not until I tasted Domino's Pizzas.for me Domino's pizza has by far the tastiest and chewiest dough.I also love that the dough was sweet and soft.unlike other pizza dough that's bland and chewy but gummy. Domino's pizza also puts generous amount of di bitin...yummy talaga. We had 14" Domino's deluxe and  Pepperoni's feast from their promo buy 1 any pizza get 1 Cheese,Pepperoni,Veggies or Hawaiian (same size) for only 649 pesos.I was filled by eating just a slice of pizza, pero dahil super sarap nga I had like 2-3 slices. hahah takaw lang noh?!

Pepperoni Feast and Domino's Deluxe
He was sick when we went there.
She ate the toppings first
14'' pizza..too big for her...
Love it, mom!
peek a boo
They have ongoing promo,50% off on any pizza every Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday when you order online.Domino's Pizza

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