Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Grolier: Talking English Books Update

It's been a month since I purchased the Talking English Books by Grolier and I've noticed a big improvement on my daughter's communication skill.I know you might think I'm over reacting but I do believe that the book was the culprit.why?

Long before these books arrived I already stopped her from watching too much TV. How I made it?

I'll make a separate post about it of course I didn't do it over night so don't commend me yet anyways back to the books.

 I mentioned here that the books has an audio reading pen so if your child can't read yet or if you have no time to read for your child, It's OK because your child can listen to it, all you need to teach to your child is how to hold and point the pen to the book and the pen will automatically read everything that's written on the book(w/ correct diction,accent and intonation),actually even those babies who knows how to grip can learn from it too. Just let your baby hold the pen and point it to the book. 

Let your baby listen. (just don't leave your baby alone cause he/she might put it in her/his mouth w/c is not a good thing) If you have a nanny, ask her to guide your child when reading.Your nanny doesn't have to read on your child aloud. All she needs to do is to watch or guide the child while using the pen and the book. Let your nanny remind your child to repeat what he/she just heard from the book.Listen and Repeat. 

When we bought these books we kept in our mind that we will not force nor pressure our daughter to read all of them all the time just because we spent too much on the book.Reading has been a part of our daily routine even before we purchased the books.We make reading fun for her.

 We read to our daughter everyday.We have built some techniques on how she will enjoy it. My hubby would sometimes be in a character of some cartoons that my daughter adores like pooh bear, He would mimicked Pooh bear and Tiger's voice when reading then my daughter would just giggle while listening to him.Now, Me and my hubby talked about a routine.We made a fair and square decision that since we are both working, were going to guide our daughter alternately. We will do it every morning and every night. Me in the morning since I always go home late then my husband reads to her in the evening before she goes to sleep. 

Learning English is fun with a read-along talking pen that encourages kids to practice the language and build their confidence!

  • The Talking Pen provides audio support and enables kids to learn independently.
  • Kids master English faster with systematic learning from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Vibrant pictures and interesting activities keep kids motivated as they learn.
  • Simple,Lightweight,Fun- kids can take the books and talking pen with them wherever they go!

"In many cases, audiobooks have proven successful in providing a way for these students to access literature and enjoy books." Benefits of Audiobooks for All Readers

I've noticed how my daughter would always try to repeat whatever she hears from the pen and It's just amazing how she can summarize a sentence accurately.

My daughter isn't really fluent in speaking English but now she is trying to speak the language as often as possible.

I am pretty sure that she will sooner learn how to read the book na. As of now, I'm teaching her phonics to familiarize her with letter sounds.

Visit GROLIER site for more information about the books.


  1. may I ask how much did you purchase this product? thank you

  2. may I ask how much did you purchase this product? thank you