Friday, 29 November 2013

Home Energy Saving Tips of a Practical Mom

As time passes by,Prices rises high so enable for us to cope with our daily expenses we should be practical in everything. yeah right,Practicality is the least we could do about price hike but the best we could do to make our life simpler.

I have some list here on how economical I am at home.I tell you,I may not be organised and orderly at home but I am very matipid. hahaha..
  • I turn off lights in the morning.I just open the window and voila! instant light and fresh air. 
  • I cook everything in the morning. After I cook breakfast,I will cook rice and meal good for lunch and dinner so I won't have to cook again.If we have leftover I put it in the fridge and served it for breakfast in the morning.
  • I wash our clothes every other day.I love washing our own clothes I don't hire labandera to wash our clothes.I do it.It saves time and money.
  • I don't use dryer to dry our clothes.I dry our laundry outside well not unless there's bagyo.(need help din syempre paminsan hehe)
  • I keep my fridge and pantry stocked. I always make a list of menus that I will cook for the whole week and I will buy every ingredients that comes with it plus I don't want to run out with things that I might need..Keeping your fridge stocked saves a lot of energy since an empty fridge takes more energy to cool.
  • I don't iron our clothes. I only Iron my husband's uniform and the rest? My husband knows how to keep our wardrobe clean and organised.He hangs our pang-alis clothes and He folds the rest of our clothes neatly so they won't wrinkle.
  • I turn off lights in the evening. I only use bathroom light since dun naman ang diretso ko everytime I go home.I told you, we do everything na in the morning,tulong kame ni hubby so after work leisure na lang.=) in our room naman My eyes are so sanay sa dilim so I just use computer's light to brighten the room since lage naman nagdodota si hubby.

There mga marze,These are some ways I do at home para makatipid lalo na sa kuryente since Nagtaas na naman ang singil sa kuryente so tipid tipid mommies!

How about you marze? Share na! =)

I will leave you guys with more Energy saving tips. Enjoy!



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