Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I Miss You Terribly!

As I'm writing this,I'm all teary eyed.Can someone help me staunch the flow of tears from my eyes? I don't know why I feel so sad right now.oh maybe one of the reason is the emptiness I feel when my daughter's not around.I'm imagining her right now frolicking around the house' Her tiny voice,Her giddy laughter that usually fills the room..Oh my...I miss her terribly. Baby,please come home...huhuhu,

O.A lng noh? It's been 4 days since I entrust my baby under my mother's care because she begged to let my daughter stay with them even for a week lang.haisst parang ang tagal tagal... It's sooooo difficult pala not to see your child noh? I easily gets too emotional whenever I think of her.Now,I'm begging my mother to bring my daughter back at home. My parents live in Muntinlupa, It's quite far from our home so I can't visit her everyday.I have work and lot's of things to do at home. Giving her a phone call is quite a torture too, cause whenever I hear her voice I miss her much much more.I watched her videos every night before I fall fast asleep.My husband says I'm crazy and ridiculous playing her videos over and over again,Laughing&Crying while watching. Lolz ..Sophie will be back this weekend.

Miss ko na ang kakulitan nya..at yung mga pagpapatawa nya.ngaun pa lng alam ko ng mana sya saken haha,sa pagpapatawa.hahaha.


  1. aww this is such a sweet post! I can relate fully ... my older son is also living with my grandma temporarily for now till my hubby and I get a new apartment. parang ang lungkot ng bahay pag wala sila noh? ang tahimik? tiis tiis ka lang muna hehe ilan araw lang naman andyan na ulit si baby mo :)

    love your blog. I have you linked up cause I'd love to be back to read more. sana ma visit mo rin ako, bago palang blog ko so hoping to make some new friends :)

    Xoxo, Laine