Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mr.Neat Freak marries Mrs.Messy

 I'm not a perfect mom nor a perfect housewife. I'm not trying to be one coz I know I'll never be.I am kind.I think I'm a good person but I don't do everything right.I have breakouts,split ends but I never allow my self to feel insecure. I have a messy house but a happy home.yes. A Messy House!

 I admire those moms who can still keep their home orderly in spite of children runnin around and messin' the house, actually my daughter knows how to tidy up her toys after she plays them. The problem is ME. I'm too lazy to clean.

 Usually It's an organize wife and a messy husband but we are different.I'm messy and my husband is a neat freak!  =( He's always cleaning after me.I would sometimes leave our room messy .Pile of clothes on chair and I sometimes forgot to put my old clothes on the hamper after I shower. No,I'm not proud of it.I know I need to work on that ,I was not like this before but when I started working again I just feel so lazy to clean up. I don't get tired playing with my daughter but when it's clean up time, haaaisst.I just hate it.I love washing the dishes or doing the laundry,I just don't like picking up everything on the floor and putting them in place over and over again. I never heard any complain from my husband yet but I could just imagine how stressed he is. He would always say "just leave it there and I will do it" He's really good at getting everything organised at home.Oh! Thank Goodness he married me!

 I don't wanna be like this forever, nakakahiya na kay hubby. I promise to change.I will start to declutter my home this weekend. Goodluck to me! meanwhile I will read this article first to get some ideas on How to cut clutter

If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to comment below...I need your help mommies...=)


  1. I was caught when you said you have a messy house but a happy home. I guess it's what's more important to have a happy family. I came here from Blogs Ng Pinoy directory. I am your newest follower via GFC.

    Najmah, Covered Anatomy

    1. Hi Najmah,Thanks for dropping by..You have a nice blog...=)

  2. Yes, messy doesn't always mean dirty :-) Sometimes you really can't have fun without being messy :-)