Friday, 15 November 2013

My Birthday at Sambokojin

We went to SM Southmall and ate at Sambokojin yesterday to celebrate my birthday.Yes! It was my birthday yesterday.We're planning to have a simple celebration at my mom's house this coming Sunday so only the three of us went there. Me,Hubby and daughter dear..=)

First,Thank GOD for giving me another year of life,for blessing me with loving family and for surrounding me with wonderful people.I soooo love my simple happy life.

Sambokojin is an eat all you can buffet restaurant that caters Japanese and Korean cuisine.

We arrived there at around 5:30 in the afternoon.There were people waiting in queue.We didn't wait that long because after the receptionist called those who had reservations.We were accommodated right away.First the receptionist asked if How many are we,Then she asks if someone has a birthday.when I told her it's my birthday she ask me to present any valid id and to fill up a form.They had ongoing promo where if it's your birthday you are entitled for a free buffet so we only pay one adult buffet since Sophie is a toddler the promo is until today only Nov 15 ..So hurry up!

We really had a great time eating there.I'm gonna give you some techniques on how you can eat almost all the food and without ending up laying bloated on your chair.
  1. Take small portion of each food. 
  2. Don't start with carbs. It will make you full right away.
  3. Drink later or Don't order soft drinks,Ice tea or Juices as it fills you up too.

We did all of that,We got to taste everything and we really enjoyed it.We also enjoyed grilling almost all the meat and seafoods.The meats were thinly sliced and were so flavorful.They were well marinated. I personally loved those veggies wrapped in bacon or beef.I put huge amount of sesame pepper oil while grilling them and I dip them with Kojin sauce. ohlala spell yummy! My husband likes miso soup and the sukiyaki.I'm not really surprised,haha He's soup addict! My daughter was the one who really enjoyed her plate full of desserts.I filled it up with small portions of cheese cake,ube cake,chocolate cake and fruits.I also got her ice creams in strawberry chocolate and vanilla.We had mousse,gelatin and chocolates. Honestly Me and my husband didn't like all their desserts.They're either too sweet or has this bitter after taste. aargh! terrible! Hope they'll do something about it.

Furai (Deep fried prawn)

Visit their site Sambokojin


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! ^_^
    Haven't had korean/Jap food in such a long time, your post is making me crave for them!
    I'm sure you had a great dinner buffet with your family. God Bless always!!

    ~ Laine

  2. Oh! thank you dear...I miss reading your blog na...kaso nabasa ko na ka na ulet...=)