Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I just went home from work. A sudden wave of nostalgia swept over me when I got inside the jeepney last night. The song. Memories of my high school days flashback.My HS friends ( We used to sing it before), My first crush ( I used to sing this song for my crush)....(Arteeeee), My first suitor sang that song for me (I miss being serenaded by someone).

Anyways...The song I heard was this..........

Haha! I know....(not appropriate for high school students) ewan ko ba basta High school talaga naalala ko nung narinig ko to siguro miss ko na mga HS friends ko. We hardly see each other na kase eh. I miss Lileth, Emh, Rich, and Donna. My super fun to be with friends. 

photo taken inside the cinema

That's all for now! I feel sooooo sleepy.other than that I miss my husband more. (wink wink * )  Sleep well mga mare! 


  1. namoved ako ng very light dito mga tatlong usog :D missed you jhen thank you for everything :*