Monday, 11 November 2013

"(CUPS) When I'm Gone" By My Little One

Happy Monday! I would like to share my daughter's version of "CUPS" by Anna Kendricks of Pitch Perfect. She just came back at home last Friday at ang pasabog." mommy,sali ako sa Ms.Philippines,please mommy" showing her puppydog eyes. Me: ok,anung talent mo?" then she abruptly went up her chair and said "video mo mommy lagay po sa FB" hahaha kaloka. and I was like "ok" then she sang this.

Super funny talaga ng batang to.The last time naman, She saw a  video from FRENCH GOT TALENT where a young girl was belly dancing then upon seeing it she asked right away if she can join the same contest. "OK,start practicing now" I said happily.The video below was taken last two months ago.that was her first video practicing the belly dance while she was watching it.

 She never fail to make me laugh.Children are just so amazing when they perform.I know all you moms feel the same way too with your child/children, right?

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