Monday, 30 December 2013

Filipino Good Luck Foods For New Year

We,Filipinos are very superstitious, We strongly believe that following superstitions will brings us good luck all through out the year.

One of the many customs we practice every New Year is the Food Tradition where we only prepare those Good Luck foods.

Thus,Preparing one or all of these foods in our table is said to bring Good Luck in the coming year.

Pansit-for long life. -Long Noodles signifies longevity however one should be careful not to break the noodles.


Biko- (Sticky Rice Cake)-Good fortune will be sticking all through out the year to those who will serve this in New Year.

Round fruits- It is customary to have 13 fruits here in the Philippines.13 is considered lucky plus having round fruits resembles bounty and more money for the New Year.

Pork- It resembles Progress because Pork never moves backward while other's say that when pigs roots for food they push they're snouts forward.


Filipinos believe that preparing chicken or fish in Media Noche will bring bad luck. Fish and Chickens scrounge for food and serving this resembles scarcity of food for the whole year.

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