Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hello Kitty on Jollibee Kids Meal

My toddler loves Hello Kitty and so do I. That's why I was very happy when I learned that Jollibee Kiddie Meal Toy for girls this month is The Über cute Hello Kitty.

Me and my daughter went to Jollibee this morning, We both had spaghetti in their Kiddie Meal Menu w/c only cost 82 pesos each.We were so delighted to see the actual toy.

The watch was quite big for her tiny wrist but it looks really good,parang 3D mukhang mamahalin,ang shala. loved it tlga..haha

OMG Kasya saken..haha

Musical Charm Box and Pop-out Watch

Sophie's small wrist and big Hello Kitty watch

Sophie is wearing a Hello Kitty pop out watch and an overly size ring.

Hello Kitty Musical Charm Box

  1. Hear Hello kitty music when you open.
  2. Place your accesories inside.
  3. It even comes with a lovely ring.

Hello Kitty Pop-out Watch

  1. Press the button and see Hello Kitty's body pop-out.
  2. Adjust your watch and tell the time.

Jollibee Kidde Meal for Girls and Boy

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Go grab these toys at the Jollibee store near you.=)

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  1. Oh my I so so love Hello Kitty because she's a cat and she's a theme of PINK! <3 I am so fond of this character that makes me compile stuffs of her like wallpapers and just lately I started a collection of Hello Kitty Birthday Party ideas . I am just so happy I could pick some from your site. Credits will be added dear!
    God bless!