Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sneak Peek into the Royal Family’s Christmas

Spoof photographer Alison Jackson created an album about The Royal Family's Christmas with Prince's George.

Here's a sneak peak of they're Royal Christmas celebration and Prince George's first Christmas.=)

 Prince George opening his gift from her Queen grannie.He's wearing a cute reindeer costume.
 Prince George is Santa's little helper.Look at the Queen,Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cambridge peeking their heads on the door.
An adorable reindeer chewing his new kicks from daddy prince.
Oh! Look at how happy he is being surrounded by his Family on his first Christmas!
The Little Prince will celebrate his Christmas at Sandringham with the Royal family as well as his grandparents from his mommy side.
 Cute footwear that he's going to use when he wanders through the countryside.
once all the presentes are opened the Royal family will gather around the table to toast for prince George first Christmas.

At first glance one will prolly thinks that these are real snapshots from the Royal Family but when you look at the photos closely you'll see the difference.

  I wonder how they're going to celebrate their Christmas.Is it going to be really like this? lolz. How about you? How does your family celebrate Christmas?
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