Monday, 23 December 2013

Team Kidlatz Christmas Party and Hello Kitty Presents

Last Friday we celebrated our team's christmas party.We had a simple late dinner party at Shakeys.We had so much fun.We laugh and laugh until we cried.We were like clasping na our bellies and grasping air sa sobrang tawa at kame lang ata ang maingay sa Shakeys that night.I cracked a lot of jokes na bentang benta sa mga kateam ko hahaha! super laugh trip.

The only thing that we didn't enjoy that night was the food and the service.Super tagal bago ma-serve at bago pa maserve andame pang inaalok ng waiter hayssss..also.I don't know if it's just me o talagang di lng masarap ang spag nila and their fried chickens were so tiny.I even joked pa nga if they're chickens were taking vitamins coz' they look malnourished sa liit.

Black Forest Cake from Red Ribbon
Anyways,What matters most was we had bellies full of laughter.

I love Christmas parties.I have a lot to attend pa pero after christmas pa lols...Super excited ako sa mga ganyan. sayang nga lang di kame nakpag videoke.We celebrated it kase in time na present ang buong kidlatz some of us kse will be busy na this week so we decided nalang to spend it last friday where we're all complete.

Exchange Gifts
 A moment of laughter is always a something to treasure.I felt like all the stressed I had the past  weeks nawala sa kakatawa ko.Ang sarap lang at sana maulit pa ng maraming beses.

Presents we got from our TL
Hello Kitty pillow case and wallet
We had exchanged gifts and I got a hello kitty pillowcase and Hello kitty wallet as a gift from my monita. sooo cute..

I'm so excited na,Christmas eve na tomorrow,Yippee...I made some fruit salad and I also have Leche flan na for our Noche Buena tomorrow night. I still don't know pa if  we're going to order or cook for tomorrow's food.

How about you mga marze? How are you preparing for Christmas Eve?


  1. looks like you had lotsa fun sis!! Pretty pictures as always:) I'm linking you to my blog pala. I always come here kase:) Happy Holidays!

    Xoxo, Aaliyah

    1. Merry Christmas sis! Thanks for dropping by..I will always visit your blog sis...promise yan ..hihi...mwah!...

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your christmas celebration :D