Thursday, 16 January 2014

Feel Good Song : Crazy Glue

Happy Friday! Do you know that simple things can drastically impact your happiness? yup! and this simple song can lift your mood instantly!
Here's a feel good song of the day...Hope you enjoy this..

Crazy Glue 
by:Josh Woodward

There's no gravity that sucked me in your orbit
There's no magnet that was in your heart
The one restriction was the friction that was keeping us
A little too far apart

Why fight it, I was secretly delighted
I gave chase but then I let you win
You felt lovely when you loved me like a fool
But now I can't let go of your skin
You know that,

I never knew
That you, are, crazy glue, my darling
And I'm stuck to you
I am cozy and I don't gonna wiggle loose

You're honey like a finger in the beehive
The bees are buzzing in a tizzy fit
They're stinging but I'm singing like a fool
Cuz you're as sweet as a banana split

You're sticky like a hippie in the summer
You're like syrup in the slushie tray
One touch of you and I will never leave
Cuz I believe that I can't get away
You know that

Hold onto me
And hand in hand we'll follow
Hold onto me
As if you had a choice


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