Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Our Kikay Sunday!

We're not supposed to go anywhere after church last Sunday but My kumars called me,She wanted to see her inaanak daw.

so I immediately make paalam to my hubby and asked if we could go there and visit na rin my family in Muntinlupa. Hubby had to work so he wasn't able to come with us.

so off,we went to Munti!(sa labas ha)

My kumar's was so happy and so were her family when they saw us,prang galing abroad lang ang peg ng pag"welcome!"with all the hugs and the besos,nakaka overwhelmed lang,I'm super close kase with her family,why?! eh We've been super friends since elementary noh so wag na magtaka mga teh..lol.. ganyan ka warmth ang pag welcome when we arrived at their house coz we haven't seen each other na rin kse for like 6 months? I think...

We all enjoyed her mom's sinigang and fried Tilapia.We were chatting while having lunch.My kumar's was carrying Pia the whole time she was eating,

Me: Bakla ibaba mo na nga yan si Pi,Di ka na makakakain nyan.
Kumars: wit na teh ok lang Miss much ko na tong baklita mong anak eh.
Me: haha grabeh,,ang bully 
Kumars:o bakit? knino pa ba to magmamana?

soon after we finished eating the 3 sisters played with my daughter,make up make up-an! ginawa nilang manika ang baby ko...jusmiyo hang kapal ng make up...

at syempre papakabowg ba ang mommy becky? haha..

 That's how we spend our Sunday! How about you, mommies?

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  1. i like the red pouting lips :) may future ang bagets na ito hahaha