Friday, 21 February 2014

DIY: Play Pretend Donuts

Look at how focused she was decorating her donuts!
Me and hubby always make it a point that we have time to play with our daughter everyday no matter how busy we are.

Children are very easy to please,They don't really need expensive toys to be happy, sometimes, well most of the time,simple things can make them the happiest!

I love making projects with my daughter,We love building a house,store,kitchen,toys and many other things made from scraps.

Like this Donuts Making project we had last Wednesday!

1.Draw some circle shapes on any cardboard or boxes that you want.
2.Cut them.
3.Put little amount of glue.
4.Decorate them!

*Prepare your frosting by cutting colorful papers in different tiny shapes.

We make sure that she's always involved in every activity that we do. I let her explore and be creative in her own way.

It's not about the toy but the moments we create together. Those wondrous memories that she will treasure forever.

Her cute Donuts!

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