Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hello Kitty Town Novelty Shop is On SALE!

OMG! Hello Kitty Town Novelty Shop will be having their three days SALE online. You will surely go gaga over Hello Kitty items that are on sale for up to 50% off!

So what are you waitin' for Hello Kitty fanatics? Reserve your orders now to add more Hello Kitty items in your collections.

Hello Kitty Ice / Chocolate Molder
Php 345.00
SALE *** 199.00

Hello kitty ice / chocolate molder
Php 299.00
SALE**** 165.00

Hello Kitty Die cut Tray

Php 245.00

SALE **** 149.00

Hello Kitty 3 pcs Plastic bowl set

Php 299.00

SALE **** 245.00

Hello Kitty 3set Canister

Php 1,400

SALE *** 1,145.00

Hello Kitty Lunch box set

Php 245.00

SALE *** 145.00

Hello Kitty 8 glasses Water dispenser
Php 799.00
SALE **** 699.00

Hello Kitty Rice obento molder
Php 185.00
SALE *** 99.00

Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter
Php 450.00
SALE **** 199.00

Hello kitty Cake / muffin molder
Php 599.00
SALE*** 245.00

Hello kitty Muffin molder
Php 545.00
SALE **** 245.00

Hello Kitty Dish Organizer
Php 1,199
SALE *** 895.00

Hello Kitty Mini Refrigerator
Php 2,499
SALE *** 1,799

Hello Kitty rice obento molder
Php 299.00

Hello Kitty Long Wallet
Php 445.00

Hello Kitty Bath towel
Php 279.00
SALE*** 219.00

Hello Kitty shower Radio 
Php 499.00
SALE*** 249.00

Hello Kitty Ceramic Bathroom Accesories 4pcs
Php 950.00
SALE*** 399.00

Hello Kitty bag pack
Php 945.00

Hello Kitty Wall lamp
Php 745.00

Hello Kitty Mini Water dispenser
Php 2,499

Hello Kitty Mini Water dispenser
Php 545.00

Hello Kitty Cooking pan
Php 995.00
SALE*** 745.00

For more details visit their Facebook page here

*All photos credited from their FB page.


  1. Erika says...
    Ack! Hello Kitty overload! :D By the way, the FB link doesn't work. Maybe you should check? :)


  2. Wwaaahhhhh I love Hello Kitty!! Thanks for sharing this! Please share if you find any Little Twin Stars offers hehe.