Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Grown-up Toddler

Have your toddlers acting like they're grown up? I know most moms are 
experiencing this with their toddlers. Kaloka diba? parang may tweens na din tuloy ako. lol!

Yesterday, I noticed that she was staying too long in front of the mirror.

Me: Why nak?
Pi: (sighed) My wrinkles na po ako mommy haaays!
Me: whaaaaaaat?!

Last night,My daughter suddenly woke up.she sat on the bed,She still looked so sleepy but she was  smiling at me.I kissed her and told her to go back to sleep but she tried to open up her eyes a bit wider and said 

Pi: hi mommy,eat ka na dun,nagluto po si daddy.
Me: Ok lang nak,Di gutom si mommy...
Pi: sige na po mommy eat ka na po (makapilit)

My heart melted that time. She's the sweetest!

Today,I called hubby then I also got to talked with my daughter 

Me: Pi eat rice and drink milk ok?
Pia: mommy say po! sbhin mo eat po rice ate pia ok?
Me: ahh ok,eat po rice and drink po ng milk ok po?
Pia: opo! sbhin mo po mommy "opo!"

then there were times when she would command her playmates to behave or be quiet.

Her playmate/cousin cried while they were playing with some other kids and she hushed him. 

Pia: Do not cry diba brave ka? love ka ni ate pia ok? 

when in fact they're the same age.lol

She wasn't even scared The first time she rode the big rubber boat in Rio Montanosa (splash Island) slide.

She even told me not to shout.

Pia: wag po tayo sumigaw.quiet lang mommy.
Me: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Pia: mommy!

when it was time to eat and she was still enjoying the pool with my friend's son and some other kids there, I called her,She followed naman right away but she also called yosef (my friend's son who's 2 years older than my daughter)

Pia: otep tama na yan,ahon na...eat na tayo.(nakataas pa ang isang kilay)

She was talking as if she's older than him. hahaha

We're about to eat lunch so I asked her to wear a cover up but she refused.

Me: Pi you have to wear this ,malamig.
Pi: No po mommy,ayoko.hindi makikita yung bra ko!
Me and Hubby: (nanlaki mga mata) Whaaaaaaaaat!

When we came home from Splash last Sunday,I asked my husband to massage my aching head but when she overheard it (she was watching tv that time) she suddenly went toward me holding the human nature oil. 

Pia: It's ok daddy, ako bahala kay mommy.

She looked so concern then while me and hubby were laughing quietly.

Hays kaloka talaga..madami pa yan,hahaha

One time I talked to her I told her not to grow up so fast and enjoy toddlerhood first.(ganyan namen sya kausapin kase parang matanda na din)

She just nodded her head and said.
"yeah,ok." as iiif she really understood what I meant!...lol!


  1. Erika says...
    Well you do know how it is with kids in general, they can't wait to grow up. At the same time, grown-ups wish they were kids again. Oh the irony :p

  2. hahaha naiimagine ko yun mga pinost mo na convos with your daughter. ang cute cute sigurado! *sighh* yes they grow up so fast. yun panganay ko din pag kinakausap ko parang teenager na minsan sumagot when in fact he is only 7 yrs old. kaya promise pag labas netong 2nd ko i will enjoy to the fullest ang newborn moments nya!!

    1. haha grabeh nga natatawa na lng din kme ni hubby sa mla tween nyang paguugali...lol...anyways when pla due mo?sana baby girl naman...=)