Wednesday, 12 February 2014

On Potty Training

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As far as I remember, My daughter started removing her diaper when she was 20 months old.At night, I continued to put her in diapers back then but she would always removed it on her own.

I never bought a potty seat for her.I never thought of potty training her before.I don't know why.maybe because I didn't think it's necessary or maybe I thought that she'll eventually learn how to pee in the toilet.

I just noticed that she kept on removing her diaper or she'd wear it but would'nt pee or poop on it,There where also times were she would woke up us in the middle of the night and would say "wee wee " or times where we would wake up with wet floor! 

I don't know how she learned not to pee or wet our bed but we we're really impressed back then,We would praised her everytime she peed on the floor.

I thought then that it's better to pee or poop on the floor or rug because it's much easier to clean but I was wrong, we're disgusted on how our room then became soooo stinky! It smelled like urine! eewww! lol!

We then told her to pee and poop only in the toilet because that's the right thing,We didn't give any suhol,We we're just praising her every time she did it. It all worked naman. She then started peeing on the toilet but hassle lang because We had to bring her to toilet every time she would say "wee wee ako"

I remember one time nga when I was busy doing my report,
She came to me and told me that she will pee.I was sooo tamad to go down then so I told her to pee on the floor (bad momma,I know! churi na!lol!) but she shouted at me "Noooooooo! CR lang!"

so,I brought her right there and then at the toilet sa takot na baka magtantrums na and baka mag ka UTI

I was really shocked when she did that but end up laughing na lang.

Hindi talaga siya dumaan sa masusing potty training,I also  don't think that she was ever pressured by doing it correctly.

from then on laking tipid ko coz she stopped using diaper na.Even when we went out then and until now.

She just turned three last month and I'm happy yet a bit sad that she's growing up so quick and showing some signs of independency.

Kala mo alam nya na lahat.=(

I think the best advice I could give is to NOT pressure your child at all.I don't always rely on expert's advice because they sometimes give perfect advice that would be too hard for toddlers to follow.(just my opinion!)

How about you mommies? How did you Potty Train your child?


  1. I agree on not pressuring your kid when it comes to potty training but I did a few things to convince my kids to use the toilet instead of wearing diapers all day. Everytime I need to go pee I would declare "I need to pee, I'm going to the toilet" or "I need to poo.." stuff like that. It didn't take long till they wanted to do the same. Both my kids were potty trained when they were 2 years old. The only problem is when we travel and I let the kiddo wear diaper just incase she needs to pee and we are still traveling, she would rather hold her pee than pee in her diaper. LOL

  2. naku, we need to potty train Neo na din. the pressure kasi is on the diaper size. he is growing so much and baka wala ng size na magfit sa kanya LOL.

    but i'll try your suggestion, sis, on praising. :) great tip!

    1. hahaha...naku oo nga sis..bilis lumaki ng mga bata ngaun...goodluck sa size ng diaper ni Neo..hehe