Monday, 17 February 2014

Post Valentine's Date

since me and hubby are both working, It's hard for us to go out on for our Valentine's date we decided to have it on weekend.

We were actually planning to go to Tagaytay last Saturday,We were all 
dressed up and good to go na when my friend messaged us (were on a group chat then) on facebook.

Friend: Who wants to go to Splash Island tomorrow? I have 4 tickets for free.

No one answered for like 10 minutes 


Me: I waaaaaaaaaaaant!

Friend: (walang kaabowg-abowg) All yours dear!

Me: Huwaw! teynkz fren!..

I immediately called hubby and announced that we're going to have a 
change of plan.

so No more Hubby and Wife date in Tagaytay,Hello family outing in Splash Island!

It was actually our second time there but we were still excited because It's my daughter's firsts

My daughter loves the water sooo much! She loves to swim like a! so just imagine how giddy she was when we told her we're going to swim! We 
also showed her photos of Splash Island that made her more excited.

so came Sunday morning, off we went to Biñan Laguna.

Isn't exciting? Isn't it amazing? Isn't it fun to spend Valentines with our love ones?

The more The Merrier!Let's not pressure ourselves on spending so much money on fancy gifts or an escapade just to make that special someone happy.

Well,I'm happy with my love life everyday so It's always valentines 
day for hubby and me...cheeeezziness is next to!

Let's make V-day everyday! VALENTINES day isn't just for lovey doveys but a day to
celebrate L-O-V-E.

and because I love my hubby and baby I spent V-day with both of them.

so definitely! absolutely! you can spend it with your love ones may it 
be your hubby,wifey,children,parents or friends!

I'll review Splash Island on my next post...

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