Thursday, 27 February 2014

She's Sad and I'm Not Happy

I've been so busy this week because of Monthly report that needs to be done by the end of the month.

My daughter has been staying at my in law's house since Monday and though I always visit her there before I go to work,I still miss her badly.

Yesterday when I went there,she was throwing tantrums. I knew it! she and her lolay fought again (her lolay loves making fun of her until she stomp away and cry,and I don't like it...) 

I felt how she was hurting emotionally,(call me O.A but I really don't like it when someone teases my daughter just because she looks so cute when she cries!)

When I was about to leave her she ran after me and literally said          
 " mommy,sama po ako,sad ako dito, hindi na ko happy"  They all laughed when they heard her said that,I did too because para nga namang matanda na sya mgsalita but deep inside I pitied my daughter.

I wanted to stay with her, I wanted to get her right then and there. I wanted to tell my mom-in-law not to do it again so she won't throw her tantrums again kase nakakaawa ang bata pag umiiyak diba? but then I still kept my calm.

I have nothing against my hubby's mom, I love her and I respect her,I believe she loves my daughter (her first and only  grand child) to bits,no doubt about it,I just don't know why they love to provoke her to anger and when she's throwing tantrums already and  they'd get mad and scold my daughter because of how she acted.

so later that night,I talked to hubby calmly about what had happened,He wasn't happy also about what had happened and he assured me that he will talk to his mom about my concern.

Am I too sensitive?

sorry for the vent...=(

Have you ever experienced the same thing? How have you dealt with it?

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