Thursday, 20 February 2014

Splash Island (Part 2) The Twists and Turns

I'm not an adventurous type of person unlike my hubby.=( I have some fears that I'm trying to conquer little by little. I'm afraid of the heights (as in).I can swim but not in deep end.I don't like any rides and any slides! I don't like scary movies, any gory pictures,I'm afraid of karaoke and my mother in law...(choz!)

My hubby is always telling me to overcome my fears and do not be scared to try new things as long as it is not life threatening.

so hubby did his part talaga to encourage me to try the exhilarating slides don.

I don't have lots of photos because we didn't bring our camera so we can all enjoy the slides.

I'll make kwento na lang ha...=)

The first slide na pinuntahan namen around 2:30 in the afternoon was the Tausug Trails  It involves a twisted raft w/c can carry two persons through a twisted long half-pipe.This is quite scary at first try because the raft slightly tilted as it slided down in a high speed.

Me and Hubby
 I thought I was going to panic while I was on it but thank goodness I didn't. I felt a bit safe naman and dahil nga sa mabilis sya before you could panic nasa baba ka wag na...(eeffort pa ba? lol)

We actually tried it like three times...kapagod lang because guests have to bring their own raft up the high stairs. 

Next stop was the RIO MontaƱosa,We enjoyed this ride so much that we were able to try it four times!

photo source
This includes a big round rubber raft good for 3-5 persons.This is my favorite! This I think is the highest slide but the safest for me ...We rode there with our daughter.The speed is in moderate so pede kayong magpicture picture while sliding.pwede din mag kape if bet nyo...choz!

Next naman that we went to was the Magellan's Drop that I didn't get to try na. wala na kase magaalaga sa anak ko so hinayaan ko na si hubby.

charot! takot lang talaga gaaaaad! imagine naman kase mga teh you will slide there ng pabaliktad,I mean your head first.You'll drop dead talaga pag ngkamali ka dito...chos lng,Hubby said It wasn't scary naman daw, just go with the flow lng daw and don't panis,This slide daw is in high speed also but will slow down before meeting the end of the slide.

photo source
The last slide that hubby got to try was the King Pilipit/Dos Supremos,according to him It is the fastest and the most exciting because you'll get through a long ,narrow pipe w/o any raft but only your very own body..medyo nakaka bingi daw because of the pressure siguro...oh my di ko keri yan talaga....

photo source
There were actually lots of attractions pa but we weren't able to try them all because we were so tired of going up and down the stairs na.

The Water park has lots of attractions that people would surely enjoy!  We really had a great time in Splash Island.We will definitely go back there again.

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  1. Oh gosh! I wanna try theeeese!! I feel like I'm gonna puke because of the height and the speed!!