Friday, 28 March 2014

Cheap Date at Ferlyn Famous Tapa House

This Tapa House is definitely our "go to" whenever we feel like we want to eat some marinated meat and sinangag in the middle of the night.

Me and hubby have different schedule at work (ofcourse) but we still make it a point that we eat late dinner together everynight!

so whoever comes home first should wait for awhile (usually an hour)until the other one arrives, then we can eat na.

It's a little sacrifice that we do everyday just to have that "us time" and yeah It's worth it!

The bond that we create,The small talks we do between  spoonfuls we savor is exquisite.

 If you love Meat + silog and you live within the vicinity of Las PiƱas then try Ferlyn Famous Tapa Haus. They offer cheap meals ranging from 50-70 pesos only.They have all kinds of meat for silog (sinangag at itlog). They're best seller Tapsilog,Tocilog,Porksilog,Sisigsilog etc. They also have soups like Nilaga and Sinigang, all with rice. 

The place creates a balmy ambiance especially during midnight since it isn't crowded at all. The yellow lighting plus the soothing music they play is very relaxing too. It's like we are in a romantic place,nux! date na date lng ang peg hehe.

We had Sisigsilog and Tapsilog.Tapsilog or Porksilog is waht I ususally order whenever we eat there.Last night I had Tapsi,Their Tapsi is tender and juicy and not too sweet unlike other tapsi from other tapsi house nearby.

Their Sisig tastes good too,It's buttery..(I think they used butter instead of oil.) but not spicy just like the usual.It lacks mayo also w/c what I really like on sisig.

Our after eating photo! haha look at those oily mouths...eeww!

Then after that we're back to our routine at home..Movie marathon until we fall fast asleep.

Thanks for reading this post.=)


  1. Mukhang masarap nga dito :)...
    anyway, it's good you both always have time to eat together. That was really nice as a couple.

    1. Hi,Thanks for visiting my blog...Yes that's what we do everyday =) something every couple should do din khit once a week...=)

  2. My guilty food trip, Tapsilog and Sisig! That looks absolutely delicious! San yan located?