Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Let It Goooooooooooo! The Birit Bulilit

She had learned to memorized the lines through repetition, as she constantly listened to the song. She actually sang the song from start to finish however my cam's battery got empty so that was the only part I was able to record.

One time while my hubby was playing computer game Sophie deliberately ask him if he can download songs on her MP3,My husband then ask her what songs she like and guess what she said.

Sophia: Daddy please download Roar,Wrecking Ball,Let it Go saka When I'm Gone (Cups by Anna Kendrick) 

Me and hubby laugh out loud because obviously the songs that she have chosen weren't appropriate for her age.

so ngayon wala ng nursery rhymes sa mp3 nya hahaha.


  1. Concert tau Pia!!! Birtit kung birit!!

  2. Tara, concert tau Pia!!! Birit kung Birit! Let It Go!!!!

  3. Tara, concert tau Pia!!! Birit kung birit! Let It Go!!!!