Monday, 17 March 2014

Movie Streaming at Home

Hello everyone! Mabuhay! =) It's been awhile since my last post.

I've been focused on something extremely important lately.Not that this blog isn't important anymore,It's just that I have to prioritize some things that are way more important than this.

Blogging is one of the things that makes me happy and I terribly miss it. I have lots of quick and easy recipes to post but are in my drafts pa right now.

I will be posting them soon.=)

Anyways,Yesterday, Me,hubby and Pia just stayed home after we attended mass then we had movie streaming after lunch.(Laking tipid talaga pag sa bahay lang hehe)

Movie Streaming means you can watch a movie in your computer from a website without having to download it.

We ate lunch,merienda and dinner in our room where we were watching.

I wasn't able to cook at all.We just ordered pizza from Domino's for meryenda and Jollibee for dinner.

first movie that we watched,Non-Stop another thrilling movie from the great actor Liam Neeson,I'm such a fan of him ever since the movie Taken!

Non-Stop is a movie about an air Marshall named Bill Marks who battles a ranso-seeking terrorist.

He receives text messages from someone who's demanding him to transfer $150 million into an offshore account,The terrorist was among the 150 passengers.failure to do so will threaten the lives of the passengers.The terrorist warned him that someone will be killed every after 20 minutes.

The next movie that we watched was The Confessions of a Shopaholic

Isla Fisher plays Rebecca Bloomwood who relied on credit cards to buy signature clothes,bags and accessories that makes her blissfully happy...but eventually made her bankrupt!

Confessions of a Shopaholic have lots of funny scenes.A feel good movie.=)

Next we watched Tangled,My daughter got really fascinated by this movie.She kept on saying "She's Rapunzel".

The movie was about the story of Rapunzel who was kidnapped by an old woman who relies on Rapunzel's magical hair to maintain her youth.

We watched it twice last Sunday as per my daughter's requests.

It's my second Disney movie favorite next to FROZEN.

after that we then watched (ang walang katapusang) FROZEN for the fifth time!

Frozen was based on the story,Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen w/c happened to be my all time fave story.Snow Queen isn't really about the queen of snow but Snow queen is about the story of playmates Kai and Gerda who were separated.Gerda then struggles to find her beloved Kai. My favorite line from the story  is "I would go to the ends of the Earth just to find you" Gerda to Kai...(awww ang swet =))

anyways ,The story Frozen is about the sisters Anna and Elsa who where isolated after Elsa's magic nearly killed her sister when they where young.Queen Elsa accidentally freeze the kingdom of Arendale. To.To be able to save the palace Anna has to go after Elsa to unfreeze Arendale and bring back Summer.

My three year old daughter was able to memorized some of the songs from the movie..LOL She kept on singing the songs Let It Go,Do you wana build a snowman and The first time and forever.(sino b namang hindi diba? after ba naman panuorin ng ilang beses hehehe) 

After that hubby stayed wide awake and watched movies pa,Me and Pia were too sleepy na by that time so we then drifted off to dreamland..zzzzzzzzzz.....

You can watch full length movies for FREE on Viooz and Movie4k. They have all kinds of movie even new ones! cool ayt!

Thanks for reading this post.=)

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