Monday, 7 April 2014

Mom and Child Practical OOTD: SM Kids Fashion

I really admire this strong willed woman who raises her son as a single parent.

She is a competent woman who's always on the go but doesn't compromise her bonding time with his son.

His son is a smart well behaved boy who loves Lightning McQueen definitely a toy car lover..what do we expect from a boy? =)

Meet Jackielou 26 y/o and her son Yosef 5. These Fab mom and stylish son know how to rock any outfit. 

This mother and son tandem always make sure they are wearing stylish and matchy matchy outfit but a "can afford" way.Lemme tell you guys that each of them are wearing less than 1000 pesosesoses outfit from head to toe.diba? can afford nga! They've got them all from SM kids fashion.

SM is true to it's promise "Here at SM! We've got it all for you!" LOL!

I wish I could post all their fab outfit here as per Jack's request,I do want to...however I have to stop at a mo teh?

Yosef's fashion icon is non other than Danielle Padilla! 

Isn't it obvious?

on Jackielou: SM Teens Denim Top
on Yosef: Denim Top and Pants from SM Kids and Shoes from Tough Kids 

Get practical inspiration from PrettyPracticalMom's Practical OOTD that will feature stylish mother and child's affordable outfit.

Fashion doesn't have to be expensive. (dapat can-afford!) =)

If you have practical OOTD's share it with all of us...just PM some MOM and CHILD outfit photos on my FB page.

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