Thursday, 10 April 2014

Practical OOTD: Her Own Style

Black skirt: Terranova Kids
Shoes: Evans
Bag: SM Kids

For today's Practical OOTD, Let me introduce Chen Deynielle Portera, The pretty and adorable daughter of my friend Arianne who always opt for comfortable clothes over complicated ones.

Chen is quite different,At two years old she had shown early signs of passion for fashion.Arianne recalls how her little girl would always choose the clothes that she would wear.

This little girl just loves to shop! Her mom lets her choose the clothes she wants to buy.

"I let her decide what clothes she'll wear as long as she's comfortable." Arianne said.

I do agree with you girl! It's also important to respect the way our children decide even in a simple way as choosing their own outfits, In this simple way, We are helping them be their own self for a while,We help them ooze confidence and let them feel they have freedom of choice. Children have their own style, They are very creative and sometimes they look more adorable in their chosen style. Just don't forget to guide them a little and be sure your kids are having fun.


  1. My daughter chooses her own clothes too, but of course I pick out the clothes she'll be choosing from beforehand. ;) It's a relatively painless way of letting her experience freedom and at the same time learning her preferences.