Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Teaching Good Behavior

 Isn't it a music to our ears when someone praises our child because of her/his well behaved manner?

I'm not bragging just a fact but people always tell me that my little Pia is a well mannered girl. Whenever we attend parties (sa kamag-anak man o hindi) There is always someone who'd notice her behavior.

She's not the type of girl na madaling mairita or mabore.Well sometimes between talks she would say "mommy uwi na po tayo?" (that's one indication that she's bored na) however when I tell her "not yet po" she would just nod her head and say "ok po" and resume on what she was doing.

Some would say that she behaves well because she is a girl,ganun  daw talaga ang mga anak na babae,mahihinhin,tahimik at mabait.
well,siguro nga..pero pwede din namang dahil sa pagturo namin ng magandang asal di ba? di pwede teh? choz!

I just want to share some of the things me and hubby did and still doing to teach our daughter good behavior.
  • Communicate. I guess it's the most important "constant communication" Children are curious and they often ask, so as much as possible we try to discuss and explain everything to her in a very simple way.We also tell her the right things to do rather than what she should not do like instead of saying "Don't shout" we say "Please talk quietly". 
Good communication is the key to building self-esteem as well a mutual respect.♥♥♥

Listen. My daughter is so talkative,She loves telling stories from what she read or watched. We love it when she does that.When she talks, we let her finish first before we say somthing.We do not interrupt. We just listen no matter how long and meandering her sentences might be.

You are much more likely to get a child to listen to you if first you listen to them.♥♥♥
  • Be a good role model. We talk to others with respect,We treat others kindly. We talk to my daughter with po and opo so she'll get to practice saying them too. We are also mindful of how we speak or act especially when she's around.
Treat a child as though he already is the person he's capable of becoming.♥♥♥
  • Stay calm. When she acts up. We urge ourselves not to yell, We ask her what she wants,We also try to redirect her attention into doing other activity and if all these things didn't work and she's still in huge temper and we feel like she's starting to get into our nerves,We just leave her for a while or until she calms down.This is very effective because in just a few minutes she'll go out and she'll say "sorry mommy" then we'll just hug her and talk about what had happened. Also, when we say No! we mean No!. We don't change our mind even if she looks so kawawa when she cries.
When you speak in a calm but firm soft voice, children have to work to listen -- and they most always do.♥♥♥
  • Reward but don't spoil. We reward and acknowledge our daughter for the work that she has done well.We don't spoil her with expensive toys.I ususally make toys for her hihi, Actually mas excited pa sya pag sinasabi kong gagawa kame ng toy kesa bibili kame ng toy.=) most of the time I buy her books Instead of buying toys.
Spoiled kids are bratty,self centered,demanding and inconsiderate.We are not giving love to our children when we give them everything they want on the material level. ♥♥♥
  • Don't hit. Some parents think that gently hitting their child is okay and It appears to work but for me and hubby, It's a big NO! We believe that it will only make a child angry and violent.Who wants that right?
Spanking has side effects. It's embarrassing, and that causes children to get angry or think about retaliation. Children who are frequently hit feel insecure. Many have poor self-esteem. Some withdraw. Others become excitable, overactive, and aggressive.♥♥♥

Me and hubby are not perfect but were not tired of looking for ways on how to be good parents. 

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  1. Thanks for these tips! Really helpful because my daughter, though barely 3, is already very willful (guess where she got that gene? lol). It's true that kids calm down faster if the parent remains calm too despite the occasional tantrum or fits of stubbornness. It's really a learning experience for me too, because as you said, we parents have to be good role models for them to emulate. I have to continuously improve too to become a better mother for her.