Friday, 4 April 2014

The Importance of Night Skin Care Routine

Women are known to be adept multitaskers, especially MOMs! agree? However, just because were too busy with all the chores that we do everyday while taking care of our little ones or with all the paper works that we have to deal with at work (while sneaking for a blog post. LOL!)  can totally give us a lot of stress.

...So after a long day of work, with all that we juggle.. be it at home or at work, we all just want to hit the sack that we sometimes forget to clean our face.

That happened to me for a long time. I thought washing my face with soap and water and sleeping 6-8 hours a day was enough. I was totally wrong, I learned that my unhealthy lifestyle plus not cleaning my face thoroughly were the reasons of my stubborn break outs, dull skin and worst of all visible pimple marks.

....Just when I thought I had nothing to do about it, I passed by some articles about skin care.

When I started reading their tips I bookmarked the site right away and I just found myself reading and reading HSN's articles about skin care everyday.

One of the articles I read on HSN was about the nightly beauty routine. One of my mistakes before was not having a beauty routine..tsk tsk! Women shouldn't let the night pass pala without doing skin care routine.

Why is it important to have a night beauty routine?

Night skin care routine before we sleep can improve our skin and color. It will surely reduce blemishes. It also helps hydrates and rejuvenates fast at night when our skin are at rest while we're asleep.

Establishing a night skin care routine will allow the skin to breathe, heal and restore it's healthy youthful glow.

Now that we know the importance of night skin care routine, let's look for products that will help us get that youthful,healthy glow. 

I read this article about 4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should be Using by Carly Woods so whether it’s puffy eyes, dry skin, or your desire to simply have brighter skin when you wake up, this piece might be a lifesaver for you.

Hope the article helps you find the right products for your Night Skin Care Routine.

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