Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labour Day everyone! Do you love your Job? ME ? I do...I love my job big time! I love it not just because I earn from it but because I feel  content on what I do. My job inspires other people. I'm happy that I get to help others, being a teacher is one tough job. however It always pays off when you know you get to touch other people's lives and when, of course,  students learn form you.

so maybe,just maybe..Labour day is not only for those who work but also for those mom or dad whose working their ass off at home, doing all the house chores and looking after kiddos. 

so hats off to all employees for all the hard work and extra effort to earn for their families or for themselves alone.

so that's an advice to live by from my uncle Jobs.=)


  1. My mom is a good singer, she would always sing a lullaby until I fall asleep! :)

  2. What makes my mom special? Here's a short poem i made to answer that question :

    Now and Then isn’t that much different
    I appreciate your care ever since I was an infant
    With your love alone our life was sufficient
    You have my respect not just because you’re my parent
    But because of your personality that’s truly magnificent

    Little by little you became famous
    Everyone loves you because you are gracious
    Whether it’s love, knowledge or money your heart was so spacious
    Your kindness was very infectious
    That’s why in my heart you are very precious

    Mom have I ever told you I love your cooking?
    A hard worker moving as fast as lightning
    You deserve a day full of resting
    I have a surprise that will be to your liking
    This mother’s day I’ll take you to the mall for shopping.

    I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Hi sis! I nominated you for the "You are my Sunshine Blogger" Award :)