Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mother Daughter Matching Tutus Giveaway!

I've been in blogging hiatus for a long time because I was busy making tutus. 
I've been selling tutus for quite some time now, I started my addiction on making tutus when I became a mom of a baby girl. before I was just selling it to my close friends but now I'm already accepting orders from people all over the Philippines. LOL! I posted some of my work in my Facebook page and online shop Pretty Practical Shop

Here are some of my work:

Tutus look good on everyone ,young and adults alike. tutu skirts can be worn over a cute pair of leggings, shorts or just as is.

I am grateful with all of GOD's blessing so I'm sharing the love! I'll be giving away Mother Daughter Matching Tutus! Isn't that amazing? 

This giveaway is for Philippines residence only.


  1. Very nice tutus shirts! I wish I had a daughter too so I can avail of your shirts. =)

    1. Thanks for the compliment sis...♥♥♥

  2. My mom is special because she gave birth to me. She raised me up and never leave me even if we argue most of the times. She loves me and never stop showing it everyday. She cooks the best kare-kare in the world and she sings like Rihanna! She is the coolest and loveliest mom in the world, and I really love her so much :)

  3. my mom is special. shes my idol
    specially wen it comes to raising my daughter. nowdays, naaadik ako sa terno wd my 4 yrs old daughter:)

  4. my mom is special because she is like no other :)
    mom is really supportive and she love's her grand daughter a lot.
    parang magkakapatid lang kami.. :)

    Analyn Cellan

  5. my mom is special because she is selfless!

  6. My mom is special because she was always there for me when I was in any danger, and when I needed help. She was a great role model for mothers. She helped me with my schoolwork, how to deal with enemies, and how to not be lazy around the house. She helps me to take care of my baby. She is the reason why I want to be a good mother. ♥ (Iscia Mojica)

  7. My mom is so special because even we are not rich, she still try her best to give everything not only for me, but also to my brother and my two daughter. She also sent me back to school even I'm married already. She's the one paying and providing my tuition fees, expenses for my projects, school activities, feasibility studies and even my requirements needed for applying or looking for a job. Because, she wanted me to have a better future for my kids... No words can express how thankful I am for having her as my mother. She's my strength and inspiration.

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