Friday, 23 May 2014

Pose of the Day #2 " Ngangey!"

 So here's another trending pose of my 3 year old daughter. LOL (trending sa FB account ko hahaha) mind you, These were just two of the many self learned poses that she made when I asked her to fit my tutus...

You work it girl!

O diba may pag nga-nga naman ngayon, ene bey?!

I have kwento pala, When I came home last night,  Pia was still awake, She was so giddy to see me.( minsan nya lng kse kame magkita sa gabi, I go home very late na kase) She asked me right away If I have pasalubong for her, haha...then after awhile she asked me If It was raining outside, I said yes,

Pia: mommy nabasa ka rain?
Me: opo,
Pia: wala ka umbrella mommy?
ME: wala po,(I left it in the office)
Pia: (sad face) kawawa naman mommy ko,don't worry mommy ha bibili kita umbrella...
Me: (laughed so hard) oh thank you nak!

This morning I woke up with a mild headache, when I told my hubby about it and asked for some milk and an analgesic my daughter who was already awake that time ran towards me and sat on my lap she suddenly touch my neck and face then asked me if I'm okey..I just said "headache si mommy nak..." then her face turned sad and said " don't worry mommy aalagaan po kita "

Me and hubby hugged and thanked her "Sana pag tanda na si mommy't daddy alagaan mo kame ha" she just nodded then after that she left the room with her dad and after a few minutes she came back running and yelling " mommy eto na po biogesiiiiic......."

She remained seated beside me.

sarap pala ng feeling pag ikaw ang inaalagaan ng anak mo noh? kaya lalo pa ko nag pa baby kanina. umarte pa ko ng konte LOL 

Me: Nak, please get me a glass of water, (cough,cough)
Pia: ok ok mommy wait..(ran outside the room then got back with water in her HK water bottle)

so sweet............sana hanggang paglaki nya ganyan siya...Wish ko lang talaga..=)

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