Monday, 6 October 2014

Dear SM Center Las Piñas Hypermarket and Magnolia Chocolait

Please check you items especially your character beverages (MAGNOLIA CHOCOLAIT). Last Saturday me and my daughter bought a chocolate drink in tetra pack with disney princess (Bella) print on it.

came Sunday, she opened it and took a sip. I heard her say " panget lasa mommy" so I immediately grabbed it from her and taste it. It tasted sour and the consistency was thick . I even asked my brother to have a taste so he did and same as my verdict It tasted "panis" (spoiled) however the expiration is on 2015 pa naman so I got really confused why it tasted panis! I immediately asked my brother to keep it away from my daughter.

It didn't cross my mind to keep the tetra pack, not until my daughter started vomiting an hour or so after she intake that chocolate drink.

and then she vomited even more frequently.. we rushed her to the nearest clinic. She could't stop throwing even while we were talking to the doctor. The doctor gave us some prescriptions. I asked the doctor if we need to take my daughter to the hospital for confinement. The doctor adviced us that if the vomiting won't stop after taking his prescribed meds, We have to rush her to the hospital!

When we got home we gave her meds but the vomiting and pooping continues. It even got worst because of abdominal cramps. She even asked us to massage her tummy. It's really hard to see her in pain. though she wasn't crying, we could hear her whimper.She was starting to get pale,her lips were turning purplish blue. She was very weak. Her stools were so watery. She couldn't stop vomiting!

We then rushed her to the hospital. She looked so tired , sleepy and weak! I thought my daughter was dying!

The doctor diagnosed some dehydration (thank GOD  it was not severe!). She said it was because of what she intake! and I could only blame the chocolate drink! sorry pero wala na kong masisi kundi yung lasang panis na chocolate drink na natikman namen!

I know I'm just one of the million costumer of SM Hypermarket. I understand that this one complaint won't be your lost and no,I'm not crying over rotten chocolate milk! lol There's no point. I'd just get over it. Thank GOD my toddler's ok now. I have learned my lesson I should've tasted it first!

I'm not asking for anything . I'm just a concerned consumer. I just want you to be mindful of food safety. Thank You!


  1. Oh my! There really are some supermarkets who don't check their shelves. I had more than once encounter with expired items displayed on the shelves that's why it has always been my practice to check everything (if there's dent, expiration, holes, etc.) before I put them in the basket. I feel sorry for what happened to your little one...

    The fact that the tetra pack says its expiration is not until next year, I think the fault here goes to the maker of the chocolate drink (unless mishandled yung item from the factory to the supermarket). You can sue them for that. Hay! Nakakairita mga ganyan! My son likes drinking chocolate drink from tetra packs din.

    1. Hi sis, oo nga pero wag na lang waste of time din sana hindi mangyari sa ibang bata...anak ko kse sis basta my princess or hello kitty na print lalagay na sa basket agad hays.