Thursday, 26 February 2015


I went to my in-laws house last night to kiss and hug my baby before I go home coz I haven't seen her for the whole day yesterday.

I arrived at around 10:30pm and found her still wide awake watching cartoons. I immediately hugged her and told her how I missed her dearly. She was just so sweet to return a big hug and lots of kisses.

She then said she doesn't want to go home yet. She said she missed her uncles and lolay that she wants to stay there longer.

here's our convo

Pia: Mom ayoko pa po umuwi, I miss lolay and uncle vin and uncle pich and uncle john john, please ma...( with that sullen face)
ME: Hindi naman kita susunduin baby gusto lang kita i-hug! so I hugged her tightly with gigil like I don't wanna let her go.
Pia: You miss me mommy?
ME: Yes soooooooo muchee!
Pia: I will go home na mommy. (What a sudden change of mind!)
ME: Wow! yehey! really? yehey!
Pia: Yes, mommy because you said you miss me diba.

O.A ba? we're always like that everyday. We always exchange too many kisses and hugs everyday. kahit ilang oras palang sya mawala sa paningin ko namimiss ko na agad ang baby love ko hihi!
hayysss Mother's love nga naman! Kakilig ng bongga!

Anyways eto tlaga ang kwento !
We went to Family Mart last night to buy her an Ice cream as promised when she suddenly said
"Mom, that's my favorite!" I was really clueless of what she's referring to then she danced and said "Booty Wurk! " then sang it.

"That's my favorite, my favorite! "that's what she was yelling yesternight. She couldn't contain her hapiness hearing her favorite song last night hahaha while ME was just staring at her AMAZED! Who would've thought na a three year old girl would memorize most of the lyrics of booty wurk! haha I don't even know that song! OMG! I think that was the first time I heard it hahaha

di na talaga ko updated sa mga latest songs haha..

Then just this morning me and hubby woke up to a familiar song,
Hubby then asked me what's the title of the song. "I have no idea"

Our little princess came inside the room and said "Dahan Dahan po yan daddy!"

"Dahan dahan lng ,dahan dahan lang, dahan dahan lang......." she sang as she went out of the room.

We were left laughing . hays children nowadays!


  1. I can also relate. My 4-year old daughter knows a lot of song more than I do. Haha. :)

    1. True sis! children nowadays talaga haha daming alam. lolz