Wednesday, 24 May 2017

DIY: Sophia's My Little Pony Birthday

On her 6th birthday, We decided to have two celebrations, One at home for our close friends and relatives and the other one was held in their kindergarten school. This time Sophia wanted to have a "My little Pony" birthday party . I am a very thrifty person, I know how important it is to celebrate birthdays and I do love celebrating my daughter's birthday but not to the point that I will spend too much on it. I mean you can spend a little but don't go overboard.

Before I ask her what she would like for her birthday party I already set a budget for it and decided to stick to it come hell or high water haha! I have nothing against mom who likes spending on their children's party. for me If you have the money then go! spend and splurge! walang naawat sa inyo haha! pero if wala naman talaga at hindi pasok sa budget e wag na po ipilit at ipangutang pa para lang sa ikaliligaya ng mga bisita at ikasasakit ng ulo nyo the next day...

Andun na tayo sa "for keeping memories " " minsan lang namna to"! We can always capture good memories be it simple or extravagant party and mind you yang sinasabi mong minsan lang naman to kaya bobonggahan ko na kahit ipangutang ko pa mindset is a big No! No!. Always, always remember that after that e sakit ng ulo ang kapalit. That's one thing I've observed sa ating mga pinoy. One day millionaire! next day nganga! hahaha even sa mga fiesta ganyan din ..I'd rather not celebrate kung ganyan lang din. Let's always be practical mommies! wala namang mawawala kung hindi tayo makapag handa sa birthday ng anak naten or sa fiesta at hindi natin nainvite ang mga amiga naten..

Anyways back main chika, A week before her birthday I printed out 30 pieces invitations for her classmates. I gave it to her teacher when I picked her up from school and the teacher distributed the invitations the next day.

I also printed out some Little Pony prop signs,Thank You cards and stickers for her loot bags.

for her loot bags, I just bought brown paper bags then put some candies, lollipops, chocolates and biscuits inside. I also bought some toys for her classmates.

I was really happy to see that my daughter enjoyed her birthday though it's a simple one. The smiles on her classmates faces are so priceless as well.

I arranged the spaghetti, fried chicken, brownies, and hot dog with marshmallow inside the paper box plate. My husband distributed it to each of the child in the classroom also to her teacher, asst. teacher and guard.They also had ice cream and juice. I also cut the cake and share it with all of them. They sang a song and had 2 quick games. The classroom celebration was done after 45 minutes. It was such a precious moment.

My daughter received some gifts too and she was so grateful about the simple party we had for her. She kept on thanking me and her dad. She kept on saying  " You make the best party ever ma!" and with that super pawi na ang pagod ko, namen ni hubby. Yes it was simple but see? I was able to capture precious memories,The most important part is nag enjoy and mga kiddos.

Thank you for reading mga marse!

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