Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Halo-Halo Hello!

Hello there mga marse, After a year and some months of hiatus, I am back again. So many things had happened good thing mostly happy moments naman. something to treasure and of course there were some learnings din that made me and my husband stronger and more mature.

Anyways , I am so excited to share a lot of walang halong kyeme at kaartehang posts mga marse.
I'll be posting more easy to cook, hindi pakakabog at maka-masang recipe for all the mothers out there (including me, ofcourse ) na nasa state of calamity ang wallet. Everyday lutuin, bukod sa pasasarapin e patitipirin pa natin!

Today is just like any other usual day at home since I am working fulltime from home now. Everyday is special because I'm always with my family so I always make it a point to spend most of my free time with them, We don't usually go out na except Church day, I always cook at home, Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

Nowadays dama nyo din ba na nasa bubong nyo lang ang haring araw? Yung ang aga palang ang sakit na sa balat ng sunshine?  Kaimbey diba?and since parang nasa Sahara dessert tayo dito sa Pinas naisipan namen ng josawa ko na mag halo-halo walang halong eklabu today. kakatapos nga lang namen mag....😋 halo-halo! hehe...

We had halo-halo for meryenda, It's just so filling and refreshing. I blended the Ice, light sugar syrup and milk using our blender. It made the Ice so smooth and creamy. Yum! I hope you try this one too! Halo-halo is just so perfect this scorching hot summer,I would recommend making it at home and using homemade ingredients as much as possible, We made our own Ice so It's surely purified or just make sure that the store where you buy Ice uses clean water. Be careful as well when buying ready made ingredients in the market. I would often see pesky flies landing on gulaman and sago displayed there so it's so much better to cook your halo-halo ingredients. You can also opt for canned fruits. They are much safer and cleaner. I bought canned cream of corn and jackfruit, nata de coco, garbanzos and sweet red beans in jars. I cooked the gulaman, sweetened banana and sweet potato. It wasn't complete though because I didn't buy leche flan and ube but you can actually put anything you like, There's no rule but since the ingredients are all sweet better not add too much sugar. You can also opt for light syrup if you want it a bit sweeter. Yum! Yum! Yum!

I hope you enjoy it now while the weather's hot mga marse...Oh It's always hot here pala sa Pinas so we can enjoy it all year round haha.

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