Thursday, 25 May 2017

Shawarma at Home

One of my favorite snacks is Shawarma. Whenever I have a craving for it I would really go to SM center which is the nearest place where we can buy Shawarma. There's only one Shawarma food stall there though that's the Leylam Shawarma. I like their Shawarma, It's OK, tasty . I like it when it's dripping with sauce however it's quite inconvenient that whenever I crave for it I have to go somewhere just to have a taste of it. Hassle! 

So I thought of making Shawarma at home but I don't know how to make the seasoning so I look for some online stores where I can buy it. I found LiYe on facebook, She's selling seasonings and other spices. I read a lot of good reviews regarding her Shawarma spice so I immediately ordered from her and got them the next day. I ordered the shawarma spice and pita bread.

I was so happy when I received the package. I was so excited to make it , It's something my family can have whenever we crave for it . 

Marinade Ingredients:

1 kilo ground beef or 1 kilo beef brisket with fats
1 cup plain yoghurt
2 tablespoon of shawarma powder
1/2 cup canola or vegetable oil


1. Mix all the marinade ingredients at ihalo sa beef... Ilagay sa ref overnight kinabukasan ay ioven ito sa temp na 220 deg celsius for 30 minutes dun ito sa umiikot sa loob ng oven like rottisserie sa lechon manok kung walang ganun ang oven nyo pwede nyo ito ihawin. 

2. After cooking sprinkle another 2 tablespoon of  shawarma powder on the meat

3. prepare your pita bread 

4. lagyan ng cucumber tomatoes at white onion

Style 2:  Pan-fry


1. mix all the ingredients

2. Marinate atleast 30 mins - 1 hr pag nagmamadali ok png kahit 30 mins malasa nadin un. no need na maglagay ng oil sa pan

3. prituhin hanggang matuyuan ng liquid.

4. After maluto tadtarin na no need na mgbudbud pa ng powder ng tulad sa oven style

5 . Ilagay na sa pita bread

Shawarma Sauce:
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup evaporated Milk
  • minced garlic 
  • pepper
  • 1 tsp shawarma powder

personally I would suggest you do the pan fry style because it's quicker and easier to prepare.
Now, You can enjoy your Shawarma at the comfort of your home. You can contact Ms. Liye on facebook or there are other sites where you can find easy to follow Shawarma seasoning. 

Thank you for reading....

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