Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Little Bundle of Joy...

I always thank God for giving me a wonderful husband and a very sweet daughter....They're so precious to me.

My daughter is such an amazing girl (I know..every mom would definitely say it to their child..haha!)..very smart at her age.      

Atheena Sophia

   She's very talkative.She loves to share stories about her day.(She's a bit fluent.) She says the darnedest things.." Hot water please, Pia take a bath"  or whenever she wakes up early and her grandparents are still upstairs, She would call them "lolay...lolo coffee na "  and so on...She knows how to count up to 20 and can sing the alphabet with phonics like "A is for apple..A-A-Apple.B is for ball.B-B-Ball. She can sing some nursery rhymes.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,Baa Baa Black Sheep,Old McDonald has a Farm, Mary has a Little Lamb, One Two Buckle My shoe and some Tagalog songs like..(I forgot the titles of those songs but it  goes like this"Di ko kya, Di ko kaya ako ay iwan mo..." and yung "Lapit sa akin at hwag matakot na...lalalalala".She can name most of her body parts like eyes,ears,nose,face,hair,"puhead" for forehead,chin,elbow, knees,feet,hands,tummy,wet for butt and "pechay" for anek' haha (wowa tess taught her that word .) She loves watching cartoons and educational program. Her favorites are sesame street and brainy baby.She loves singing and dancing however She's a bit scared when she see lots of people around her,(especially strangers).She love books and flash cards. Her Pooh pillow is her security blanket. She can't sleep without it. She carries it wherever she goes. She's such a darling and me, of course  is a proud momma' hehe..I'm not saying naman na she's super brainy at 2 .I know a lot of kids who act the same.I'm just sharing it because I am happy watching her grow and develop into a little person.(o your own...hihi)