Friday, 9 August 2013

Daddy's Little Princess

  She would always cuddle her dad when were at home watching or just doing nothing.When her dad comes home from work she would welcome him with hugs and lots of kisses.She would always say "thank you daddy " whenever he does something for our little daughter, even simple things like picking up her toy when she's so tamad to pick it up even if it's in front of her.She would say "thank you daddy,get toy ni pia"or when he cooked something for us she'd say"Thank you daddy luto food ni pia" or when he open the door, She would say"Thank you daddy open door ni pia" or "Thank you daddy comb hair ni pia." "Thank you daddy carry si pia" as in lahat ng gawin ng tatay nya for her may thank you pero pag ako waley....well sometimes hehe...She's very sweet with her daddy because her dad follows everything she ask him to do..She prefers her dad's company over everyone else. I sometimes get jealous n nga eh...My husband is very patient with my daughter, whenever our little Sophie would throw a tantrum He would make lambing agad and leave whatever He's doing. (Pia usually does this whenever she feels that no one's paying attention to her bcoz we're busy) He'll attend to her daughter first before anything..I think most daddies are like this, They're  the ones who's spoiling daughters. 

Here are some of their photos...



  1. how sweet naman, daddy's little princess. pag laki kaya ng baby ko, mommy or daddy's princess sya hehe.

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    tapos pa follow na rin sa twitter, thanks :)

    1. sis sorry sa late reply hehe, may twitter ka ba? follow me @pearlbliss30
      anyway we can have the giveaway collab this sept. kasama si Pau have you seen her blog? :)