Thursday, 29 August 2013

DIY Kitchen Playset

This what kept me busy last Saturday...♥♥♥ We had a lot of boxes ,so I decided to use them on a project.

Let's make kwento muna...hehe

Most of my daughter's toys were gifted by her ninangs and ninongs, I don't usually buy toys for her,.I always opt for books,when she's at home I would always see her browsed her books.

 However when she started using tablets,everything had changed.She became addicted to it.It was the first time she would look for when she woke up,It was also the last thing she would let go of  before she slept.She had learned how to play almost all the games in the tablet.She even knew how to download a game. Pretty scary right? 

So one day I  kept that thing out of her sight but before I did that I showed her all her toys and encouraged her to play them again. She was so excited to see all those toys again after some time of not playing with them.She was so delighted, I noticed how she adored playing her make believe cooking set. She even played a role while playing.,pretending she's me."Ako si mommy jen," she said. "Ikaw si ate Pia" referring to me."wait baby  bake lang pudding si mommy pa". She put those toy bread inside the cabinet ,(her make belive oven) and then she pretended cooking on her chair.That's when I realized that she had no oven and stove pala. I first thought of buying a wooden kitchen play set so I browse on There were lots of pretty designs to choose from but they're too expensive ranging from 3-4000 php. since kuripot si mommy and super need na ni baby at wala naman akong ginagawa ,I decided to make a project. A kitchen play set for my Little Sophia.! Good Thing we had a lot of boxes we saved from groceries stores since plastics are banned from Las Piñas. 

I learned how to make it here.

Just be creative mommies...


She was so happy and contented with her kitchen play set.

spell "NGARAG"

front view

The sink. bow!

A view from the top =)

sorry for the kalat..

La Filipina oven..hehehe
Hope you like this DIY thanks...=)


  1. That's nice naman! Hmm makagawa nga ng ganyan next time na mag-grocery kame =)

    1. tnx sis try mo din...madali lng xa..for sure matutuwa mga babies mo..=)

  2. you are a very creative mom! I applaud you also for reading books to your child. Literacy begins at home. :)

  3. you are very creative. me, i have trouble w/ my 1 yr. old son. he likes to roam around sa sala, room, everywhere. i have removed some of the sofa kasi palaging umaakyat. i will play a cartoon movie for him pero his not that interested. he wants more na may kalaro. i tried introducing books to him pero he's not that interested, ends up biting the books.