Thursday, 22 August 2013

Happy Tantrums Day!

My little Sophie is a happy toddler but Whenever she sees me getting ready for work,She would start screaming right away. "Mommy wag work!,no no yan!"then she would start clinging when I'm about to leave.
haissst...heart shattering tlga ang ganitong moment, nakaka-guilty and this also the reason why she throws tantrums most of the time.

 Being a mother requires a lot of patience but being calm while hearing your child screaming and crying with feet stomping is a bit difficult.It can be frustrating sometimes noh?for me she's actually quite funny when she does that but I try not to let her see me laugh. super cute din kase minsan eh. well sometimes It's irritating but how do we keep ourselves compose in this kind of situation? We have different styles on how to raise our children.We have different techniques on how to handle our child's temper tantrums.I have some ways.

She usually throws her tantrums when I'm about to leave for work or when she wakes up from a nap.When my little Sophie's throwing tantrums ,She usually cry and screams her lungs out, kabingi to make her stop I'd just embrace or carry her and I would make lambing while hushing her however there were times when she's in her super tantrum mode and no one can make her stop from screaming,kicking and throwing things.This usually happens when she wants something that I don't want her to eat or to have.
like ice cream and candies.or if she's inip na on waiting for us.There were times kase na nakabihis na ang little girl but we're not leaving yet for some reason yon na ang umpisa..."mommy let's go na! inis na si pia!" she would repeatedly say that hahah...when the sweet girl turns into an irate cutie patootie nakakangarag na... taranta mode na ako nyan kase nakakabingi tlga when she screams and even if lambingin ko pa xa..di sya tlgang ginoogle ko kung pano ko to ihahandle.I learned a lot from baby central here. One of the best advice that I learned is..

Don't loose your cool-No matter how this, can be frustrating at times,We should remember that they're too young to understand what's wrong and what's right. so hitting or shouting at your child won't give any help.We should understand why they're doing this.They might be seeking attention, they're just hungry or uncomfortable..I read that sometimes being negative will help.It's better to ignore them for a while until they stop crying.This is really I've tried this when she had her tantrums this morning..major major dinedma ko..eventually she stops din and we live happily ever after.. chos...after her dramatic episode She asked me,"bati na tayo ,mommy?" natawa naman ako  so I just hugged and kissed her and I told her that I love her so much. 

napagod din kakaiyak...

"Bati na tayo ,mommy?"


  1. Ganyan din ang pamangkin ko kapag puntang work ang mommy niya. Ok lang para rin naman sa kanya ang hard work hindi pa nga lang maintindihan ng isip niya :-)

    1. True dear..pero diba ang cute din nila pag ngtatantrums noh? hihihi=)

  2. waaaaaaaaaa! Ang cute ni Pia! Ganyan din c Yuan :))