Monday, 9 September 2013

Yummy Tuna Sandwich

As much as possible ,We, moms only prepare healthy meals for our family. sino ba nmn ang may ayaw ng malusog na pamilya diba?lolz That's why I always choose to prepare healthy but cheap meals for my hubby and daughter.Last Saturday,I prepared their favorite..yummy tuna sandwich for their snack...I will share it with you guys.

What you'll need:
Wheat bread
Tuna spread
Scrambled egg

For Tuna spread:
Canned Tuna (I combined spicy and flakes in oil tuna)
Salt and Pepper 

*Drain tuna and mix all the ingredients.

For Tuna Sandwich:
Spread tuna on each side of bread.
Place scrambled egg.
Top with lettuce,cucumber and tomato.

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