Friday, 4 October 2013

DIY: Iron Board

My mother-in-law bought a play pretend iron for my daughter sans the iron board. Last Sunday we went to my byenan's  house to get it. My mother-in-law happily gave it to Sophie and said "Here! I bought you an iron toy!"
My daughter stared at it blankly "O diba eto gusto mo?" sophie nodded and then said "opo..mas mura lang" anu dawwww? They laugh out loud because of that kaloka tlga who could have thought na masasabi nya pa yan at malalaman nyang mas mura ang nabili ng lola nya,oo nga naman but of course I told her to learn to appreciate something no matter how big or small,how cheap or expensive that thing is.She said thank you naman after. Iba kc talaga ang gusto kong bilhin non for her but I wasn't able to because we were on a hurry when we saw it and kameng dalawa lang that time so mabigat,di ko keri!

eto yun! It cost around 500+
came Monday morning  I saw her so early playing with her iron toy.She even got some clothes on her cabinet to iron.Karir  na karir nya talaga nag pagpa-plantsa.Akong  ako lng pag ngpapalantsa ng uniform ni hubby. Lolz so since my iron na sya at iron board nalang ang kulang, I decided to make an improvise Iron Board. 

What You'll need:

  • Two scrap wood with same length
  • box
  • marker
  • foam
  • cloth
  • nail and hammer


  • Draw an iron board shape on the box and then cut it.
  • Use nail and hammer to attatch the wood together.
  • Attach smaller wood for support then nail it again.
  • Glue the foam to the cardboard and cover it with cloth.
  • Glue it on top of the upside down V wood.Make sure to glue it tightly.
  • I used Washi tape to cover the scrap wood.
It's that easy.See? We don't need to spend that much on our children toys.They grow up quickly and they will just outgrow them.I'm not saying naman na you should DIY nalang all your child's toy.If you think that that toy is worth the price. then go buy it. =) Happy crafting!

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