Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hello Kitty Randa X Shoes

A Japanese shoe brand RANDA X releases Hello Kitty shoe line in celebrating the pretty feline's 40th birthday on November 1 this year. whoah! you heard it right she'll be turning 40 this 2014 but she still looks so adorable.(jellyyyy!)

There were only two styles of Hello Kitty shoes “Sneaking HELLO KITTY loafers” and “HELLO KITTY’s ribbon sling back pumps”. 

Sneaking HELLO KITTY loafers” (¥6,990) (3,025.98 PHP) HELLO KITTY on the front, which looks like she is peeking. (oh cute!)They are flat shoes so It's comfortable to wear and will be available in three colors. 

HELLO KITTY’s ribbon sling back pumps” (¥7,490) (3,242.43 P)these sophisticated looking pumps fashionable and wearable because they are low heeled They have a detachable HELLO KITTY signature bow, and have beautiful lines, which make them suitable for formal occasions. They will be available in four colors.

It would be nice to own a pair or two however these lovely shoes are a bit pricey (for me) so nevermind maybe next time? hahaha...

Anyways,You can pre-order now at Randa  site.

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  1. This is the shoes that I want! Sana it will be available here in the Philippines or better yet I can go to Japan soon!

    1. Wow..One of my dream destinations,Japan! hehe Nica nga ng mga shoes noh?..I want the loafers