Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Malunggay and Potato Omelette

One of the easiest and cheapest meals to cook is torta...Tortang talong, Tortang noddles or anything torta...=)just beat the egg,combine all the ingredients and fry.quick and easy right?

That's what I usually cook,hehe Torta (omellete) but when I was about to make tortang talong for our lunch,umangal si hubby."why oh why tortang talong nenemen?"

so maiba lang,I thought of this recipe since we have lots of malunggay leaves naman,actually I've been using malunggay leaves everyday from Monday  I cooked nilagang pork with malunggay last Monday,yesterday naman I cooked sinigang na beef sans kangkong but with malunggay leaves...=) today naman eto nga.

Malunggay and Potato Omellete

What you'll need:
  • Egg 
  • Cooked ground pork (optional)
  • Malunggay leaves
  • Potato (sliced)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to prepare:

  • Lightly beat the egg in a bowl.
  • Add ground pork,sliced potato and malunggay
  • Season with salt and pepper.

How to cook:
  1. Heat oil.
  2. Add in the mixture and cook until it's lightly brown or isn't sticking to the pan.
  3. Flip it over to cook the other side.

I'm happy that hubby and daughter liked it.*feeling accomplished!lols.

How about you mommies, What do you usually cook at home?

Till next recipe!

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Thanks a lot!


  1. Great idea, malunggay is not considered a wonder food :-) I tried adding the spinach last time for my own version, but it wasn't masarap hehe:-) will try your recipe next time :-)

    1. oh really?..yeah I've tried spinach and mushroom omelette and sprinkled some white ground pepper and it tasted good naman...

  2. I'm going to end up bookmarking all your posts! another great idea here.:)


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