Friday, 10 January 2014

My Future Van Gogh

I love that she's trying out different activities that interests her.

Painting is one of the things she enjoys when she isn't reading or playing.

I want her to try many different things for her to discover what she likes and where she'll excel.

The title is My Future Van Gohg because Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist.My favorite piece of him is the Starry Starry Night.I remember trying to paint that  when I was in college but my brother bullied me and told me I should name my piece "Twinkle Twinkle ,Little Star" and that's where my passion for paintings ended...lols..

I had given up my dream of becoming an artist since then hahaha...wala kase talaga future...

I always admire my papa's and brother's paintings and sketches that I dreamt of becoming an artist before.They aren't professional though,My brothers weren't enrolled on any art schools but they're really good,(I'm not biased ha) =)

My toddler's paintings might not look interesting for others but it looks perfect for me.(ovcors!) hehe every parents thinks theyre kid is the best.agree? 

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